Aarti Podi celebrate Robin’s birthday

Aarti Podi celebrate Robin’s birthday


Aarti Podi celebrate Robin’s birthday – Aarti Podi was celebrated as Robin’s birthday. Aarti prepared a surprising birthday program for Robin. Both of them came in white clothes. Friends and relatives of both attended the event. Aarti and friends welcomed Robin with flowers. As usual, Robin came up with a video thanking everyone who gave birthday wishes and everyone who made his birthday so beautiful.

Doctor Robin Radhakrishnan is the favorite actor of Malayalees. The star who was expected by many to be the title winner of Bigg Boss season 4. But due to some special circumstances, Rob had to go out. Despite not winning the title, the Doctor still remains a winner in the minds of the public.

We got to see many people tell their ailments and diseases in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone’s favorite Doctor Robin Radhakrishnan is different.

Robin, who does interviews on the social media platform, revealed information about his illness in a recent interview. Dr. Rob has a bone tumor. The doctor said that they do an MRI test every year and if there is growth, surgery is needed.
While many people talk about financial difficulties and diseases, fans say that the doctor is different from all that. Even when he was kept in the secret room for two days, the doctor did not tell anyone about his illness. But Dilsha once said that when the doctor was out of the Bigg Boss house, the doctor told her something that she never told anyone.

This news is now being discussed on social media. The issue with the doctor and Tom Immati is also being discussed on social media.

The news that Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan and Tom Immatty are not in a good relationship came to the fore a few days ago after taking over the social media. Shalu Peyad also posted a story on Instagram confirming that the two are having serious issues.

Tom responded with a resounding yes. Tom Immati came by sharing the video on social media. Aarti was also on good terms with him. He helped a lot with Aarti’s boutique. The plan was to advertise for this, but it did not happen. Tom said he wishes Aarti all the best.

Doctor Robin Radhakrishnan is the most popular Bigg Boss star. Dr. Everyone knows that Robin Radhakrishnan and Aarti Podhi are going to get married. In an interview on Tom Immati’s YouTube channel, Dr. Robin and Arie meet for the first time. Aarti Podhi had come for an interview.

Tom Immatty’s YouTube channel Aarti Podhi and Dr. Robin’s life also took a turn. Tom once said that Tom is like an elder brother to Aarti. But now there are some problems between Robin and Tom Immati and this is the topic of discussion on social media. Following this, Shalu Payyat’s Instagram story was also posted today, in which Dr. Robin indicated that there was a suitable subject between them. That post is like this.

‘There will be some friends who, seeing our fame, join us only to use us… even though we know them, they have lived with us. If you can’t. We’d better put them aside…if we can’t put them together they’ll work well for us…we’ll have to laugh at our faces…if I say I like basil…then I burn it behind me? I unfollowed you then. From this we can understand that there is a clear problem between Nammatty Robin and Immatty.

Robin is a person who has made a place in the minds of the audience through Bigg Boss, and before this, Robina’s news was making waves on social media. Bigg Boss was a reality show that was loved by the audience. Even after 4 seasons, the fourth season was the most popular and is still the most talked about social platform. All the contestants in season 4 have given excellent performances one after the other. Dilsha and Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan are the two stars who got the most audience attention.

Fans thought that the two would fall in love. The doctor had confessed his love to Dilsha in the Bigg Boss house. But Dilsha did not give a clear answer. Dilsha said in Bigg Boss episode that Robin is her best friend. But fans hope that Dilsha will agree to marry Rob after the match. But Dilsha tells Rob that she needs to look after her career and wants two years. The star had to face many types of cyber threats. Finally, Dilsha Blesslee and Dr. Rob ended their friendship.

In response, a video made by Dilsha’s sisters went viral on YouTube. When Robinod Dilsha asked for two years, he stopped everything and Robin Dilsha called him the next day and said that we can take a year to build a career. Dilsha’s sister said that was the happiest she had ever been. But later the pressure in Robin’s house increased and the relationship between Dilsha and Robin ended. Last day, Dr. Robin had posted a video on his Instagram page asking him to stop degrading Dilsha. After that, Dilsha’s sisters came with the video. The fans are asking why this has not been released after so long. Depositor Robin is all set to marry fas

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