Since time immemorial the political scenario in Kerala has been clouded in ambiguity. The waves of communalism and pseudo-secularism have marred the various societal structures. Consequently, human life has suffered jeopardy at the hands of irresponsible powers. There also arose print media that disregarded and undermined nationalistic fervour and values that was for long upheld by the Indian community. It can be rightly argued that even though the print media in Kerala can boast of a glorious history, it has always been at the cost of the negligence of our country’s true culture, tradition, values, and lifestyle. Kerala became an epitome of corruption, communalism, and terrorism. The public media in Kerala was turned into an instrument of party policy; community media was repressed and private media was concentrated in the hands of a few monopolies. People felt adire need for a genuine source that would probe into the matters happening around them and provide them with valid information. The situation changed radically after the 1967 general election.