Vinayan about the cost of the film

Vinayan about the cost of the film


Vinayan about the cost of the film – The 19th Century directed by Vinayan was a much awaited film by the Malayalam cinema audience. The film hit the theaters on September 8 and is still running successfully. Since the announcement, the film has attracted a lot of attention as Vinayan is preparing a film that has legally defeated the ban faced by the film industry for many years. This low-budget historical film is getting good response.

Along with Vinayan’s directorial excellence, the performance of hero Siju Wilson and the performance of other actors are receiving applause. The audience is evaluating the film as a film that stands above what was expected from Vinayan. Now, Vinayan is once again thanking the audience for the film.

Director Vinayan thanked the audience through a note shared on Facebook. He said that everyone’s love should always be there to come back with a stronger film and the film is still running successfully through word of mouth publicity and honest reviews written by viewers without any gimmicks of new advertising strategies. The total salary paid to the stars of the film was also revealed. These are the words of Vinayan.

‘Yesterday also, when I heard that the 19th century shows were house full in several theaters in Kerala including Ernakulam Lulu Mall, I felt that I should once again thank the audience who embraced this film starring young actor Siju Whitson who did not have much star value.. Thank you.. Thank you. It’s been almost a month since the release of the movie.

It is very gratifying that the film is still running in the theaters without any of the gimmicks of the new advertising strategies, word of mouth publicity and honest reviews written by the movie goers. If there are any of our new generation youths who have not seen this film yet, let me tell them that you must see this film to see if the 19th century has the technical quality and perfection of action scenes to match the foreign language films you have enthusiastically embraced recently..’

It is true that the budget of the 19th century is not even close to the budget of the big historical films in our country. When it is discussed that a film that spent only one and a half crores is enjoyable in front of films that pay only thirty to thirty five crores as salaries to the main artists, I see it as an acknowledgment of the script and making of the film called 19th Century.’

“Let me express my heartfelt thanks to the entire crew and the special producer Gokulam Gopaletan who collaborated with me.. I want you to come back with a stronger and technical perfection film with your prayers and love. Thanks once again to all friends and media for their support,’ Vinayan noted.

According to reports, the film, made on a budget of Rs 25 crore, collected around Rs 23 crore in the first week itself. Apart from Siju Witsan, Kayadu Lohar, Poonam Bajwa, Deepti Sathi, Madhuri, Vishnu Vinay, Senthil Krishna, Chemban Vinod, Sudev Nair, Anoop Menon, Tiny Tom, Sudhir Karamana played other important roles in the film.

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